The Center for Orgasmic Studies

The Center for Orgasmic Studies is a center, presumably for studies of orgasmicnisity. From their commercial, it's obvious that they've made taken at least one couple from the depths of unorgasmicness to spinning in circles. By American cultural standards, spinning in circles denotes a happy and successful relationship. The Center's revolutionary Sex Machine Therapy has turned many unhappy sexual relationships into wild, crazy, monkey sex fuckathons (to use the medical term).

However, recently they seem to have come upon some drama, and if there's anything I love, it's drama. Someone absconded (I used a big word!) with videos of the institute's practices. The culprits have been caught, but the damage that was done is irreparable:

"Everyone, probably everyone in this building, is not happy with what has happened," he added during a break from preparing for his work to be presneted later this month in Montreal at CHI2006 at the Sexual Interactions Workshop. "But when you're high-profile, or on someone's radar ... then it matters. I am sorry for the patients and family who have become instant porn stars, and I have to live with the guilt and go on." Holding back tears Mr. Stein addes, "On a positive note it spreads the word of our ground breaking treatment modalities using many of our high tech sexual instruments. Hopefully we can help other people by bringing an new awareness to our work here at the clinic.

Just to let Slashdong readers know I did my part, I bought Mr. Stein some ice cream while at CHI2006. It made him feel a little better.