Originally written by Camzet for mmorgy.com

Ever wonder about those guys who need a guiding hand?

Do you see them scamper by in the Underground, half dressed with a come hither look and a lilt in their walk?

Is there fear in their eyes as you screw them with a giant pink monster, but only because you might stop?

I caught one recently... fairly easy thing to do, considering he bent over so easily.

As we walked, I took the pretty boy and put a lovely pink dress on him. He nearly creamed the front of it with joy and gratitude. "Oh Ma'am!" he cried, "please may I keep it?" He practically shook with need.

How could I resist such pleading. "Of course you can girl.. Just please me well." Oh he promised he would.. but those pink girls can sometimes be a handful. To make him sure of his place, I had the girl crawl the rest of the way home. The dress he was wearing, fluttering sweetly as his hips and thighs moved.

We got back to my place and the girl started misbehaving.. Give them the slightest bit of kindness and they start to demand too much. My red monster.. though now dyed pink for this occaision.. came out and into my hand. "See this girlie?" I waved it in his face. "This whole thing is going in your ass now." It's so delicious when their eyes light up in fear.. and need.

Please Ma'am, please Ma'am! I heard him cry as I slammed the pink monster home, though I'm not quite sure if he really wanted me to stop. The pink girl's sweet cries were music to my ears with each thrust of my hips.

Throwing the bitch down to the floor, I demanded the slut's tongue delve deep in my ass. "Lick it well slut and I may just ream your girlie ass again." Squirming under me, he quickly complied, his tongue questing and teasing me.

"Such a good girl you are!" I moaned as the slut's tongue swirled hard in my asshole. My knees weak from such talent, I fell over his face, ass still perched over his face.

Shuddering in orgasm, I ripped the dress off his girlie body, "No need of this now slut." I fucked him hard with the pink monster, my thrusting frenzied as I finished orgasming.

Damn girlie slut kept looking at me with eyes filled with need, begging me to let him cum. Satisfied with him, I allowed him the pleasure on one condition. "Slut.. I'll let you cum, but you'll do it in your new dress. I want the cum stains showing the world what a dirty girl you are."

As soon as the slut orgasmed, and all over my clean floors, I kicked his pink girlie ass out on the streets.