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How much sex can a girl have in a virtual world in 30 minutes?

Fortunately for you, I happen to have exactly 30 minutes to kill, and I’m about to find out. Before I head into Second Life looking for love, first, let me tell you a few things about me. I’m a woman, a long-time gamer and in my sexual prime. This means that I’ve probably done it all, and what I haven’t done, I either plan on doing or have already decided against. I’m super comfortable with sex, my sexuality and talking with men.

How this will transfer to a cyber world? It’s anyone’s guess.

I’ve already created my Second Life character and purchased her a few clothes, nothing too spectacular or over the top. My clothing says, “Yeah, I’m sexy,” but remains shy of the “Don’t I look like I want to have sex?” look. I want the focus to be on me, not the lacy wonder I just picked up over at PixelDolls. The clothes I’m wearing, which I also got there, fit me, my needs and my mood better. At this point in my life, like men in their primes, it’s all about me. What can you do for me? I need a man that can turn ME on, and while I’m sure to reciprocate – there’s nothing quite like the thought of six, seven or eight inches of stiff somewhere in the world with my name on it (the closer, the better) – I want him to focus on me, not what my lingerie can do for him. I’m probably kidding myself, but there you go. That’s what it’s like in your prime.

Second Life, surprisingly, is new to me. Sure, I know about it, but I haven’t played it yet other than to create my character.

I land in the world, coincidentally near a man. I say, “Hello.” He looks at me, and then ignores me. I look for the little green dots – other people – on the horizon. A friend in a MU* IM’s me to say that he’s been hit on seven times in the last couple of minutes. I fly, find myself a dance club, and drop down. There’s probably 15 people here. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Wow. Suddenly, I feel crazy awkward. It’s hard to look like you’re available when you can’t even figure out how to lean seductively on a couch let alone dance. I IM a friend of mine, the same one who’s getting all kinds of action in the MU*. “Oh,” he says, “I know those people. I’ll be right there.”

I’m 16 minutes into my first sexual adventure, and I’m already being saved.

It takes 7 for minutes for him to teach me how to dance (find the ball above the dance floor and touchit). Once I start dancing, I’m nearly out of time.

How much sex can a woman have in a virtual world in 30 minutes? Not much, unless the woman in question has learned the rules of the world first.

Imagine walking into a bar – any bar – and not knowing how to perform any of the social conventions or body movements you take completely for granted: how to order a drink, where to sit, how to start dancing. A situation that was once common, becomes complex as you learn the nuances of the MMO that you’re in.

Next time: How much sex can a woman have in a virtual world in 60 minutes?