Originally written by Aderes for mmorgy.com

Furcadia is the magical world where the animals have learned to walk upon two legs and speak. Create your own customizable avatar and start exploring the friendly, graphical environment with rich, player-driven content. Our established online community grew over years and has become a second home to many. Furcadia invites you to an interactive experience unlike any other.” – Furcadia Homepage

Furcadia is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Social Game (MMOSG) with graphics. If you don’t quite get what a MMOSG is; it’s basically a MUCK. Furcadia is based in a fantasy theme, so it appeals to all audiences. Thankfully though, it has a special area, called Furrabian Nights (FurN), for rated R (anything about that belongs in special areas called “dreams”) content.

In this article, I'll give a full rundown of the who, what, and how of sex in Furcadia.


Since Furcadia is a MMOSG, everything about it is user-created, except for walking, sitting, and lying down. There is also the possibility that the dream’s character design allows for some sex positions (see below).

Since very few dreams have this; sex in Furcadia is based off role play. This is the biggest advantage and disadvantage. You rarely ever have any visuals to help you, but sometimes the mental image can be better. That also means the quality of online sex can vary depending on who you have sex (or cyber/yiff) with. The great thing is the possibilities are endless.


Anyone who is willing to role play with you. It can be range from you, to an orgy that fills the room (which can become very confusing since all the role playing is done in a private server. You can whisper, private message, people, but that appears on the main chat client. I’d advise downloading the dog proxy; which adds a client of its own for whispers. Don’t worry, it’s made by the lead programmer of Furcadia, so it’s safe to use.).


Sex in Furcadia can be done in very many areas, but few when compared to the total of Furcadia. Since Furcadia aims to appeal to all ages, there are going to be area that don’t allow adult content. The only area for anything up to R rated is FurN. You have to go into user-created dreams in order to engage in anything above R. There are many different dreams in FurN that appeal to many sexualities. Technically, you can have online sex in any of those dreams, but most specialize in a certain type. This can make the search for a partner easier since most of the people in the dream appeal to the taste of the main thing. I’ll mention a few I’ve seen: Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bi, Beastiality (odd for a furry world, eh?), herms, heck, I’ve even since one for tentacles.

Furcadia is almost limitless in what you can do. All you need to do is find someone willing, and hopefully good at writing, to do whatever you want in your role playing of sex. If you decided to join just whisper me, Aderes. I’ll be able to help you around the amazing and wonderful world of Furcadia.

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