Short Documentary Film on Robot Fetishists (Quicktime, around 6 minutes long)

People are working from multiple directions to combine sex and technology. Slashdong deals with making connections between people simple, understandable, and affordable. There are others that are more interested in adding technology through robots and dolls as a fetish. Each piece brings a new piece to the puzzle of getting off using our technological discoveries.

This video gives a short overview of robotics fetishists, or ASFR (, currently the only fetish I know of usually refered to by it's newsgroup, showing just how hardcore geek this fetish really is. :) ). It's educational and non-biased, a very good piece that gives you an idea of what's going on in the world of ASFR.

I plan on doing a feature on ASFR at a later date, but if you're interested in checking out more info on it now, take a look at FemBotCentral or MaleBots.

Movie via Shouting To Hear the Echos. Found it through Technorati. Yay Technorati!