FreeSex: The Open Source Teledildonics Network

Teledildonics is a simple technology. A computer, a network, and a small circuit, and you're ready to go. So why does it cost $100+ for the hardware, and $30+ for monthly fees? Why isn't there a free alternative?

FreeSex is an overview for a protocol and communications system to turn teledildonics into a open source developer driven technology. Beating commerical companies to the punch with new features and more security, we may not win the hearts and minds of the masses, but we'll sure as hell have some fun trying.

Note: This article is ignoring the fact that we might have serious patent problems, thank you very much Texas Billionaire. I honestly haven't read up too much on it, and I'm not exactly sure what the ramifications are. This would be a good topic for discussion over on the message boards, but for right now, consider this idea to be written by someone living in utopia.