Since I know some of you wacky kids out there are into the new fangled sex thingies, here's a request for info and interviews for an upcoming TV show.

Via MaleBots

Hi there,

My name is Emily, and I work for an internationally-syndicated magazine and documentary-style television show that seeks to explore sexuality and gender around the world in a thoughtful and intelligent way. Our program has won numerous awards for covering an array of serious and entertaining issues and subject matters--from Intersexuality to Rape in South Africa, to Race and Sex in the U.S. South, to The Changing Mores in France and Celibacy in the Priesthood. We treat all subject matters with respect along with sensitivity and tact.

We are based in Toronto, Canada and are part of Chum Television - Canada's leading media company and content provider which owns and operates 30 radio stations, eight local television stations and 18 specialty channels, as well as Much Music and Bravo. The show is very popular in Toronto and throughout Canada.

In past episodes we have featured people such as Simon LeVay, Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, Desmond Morris, Rachel Maines, Natalie Angier, Marilyn Yalom, Leonore Tiefer, Carol Ellison, Betty Dodson, Susan Faludi, Thomas Lacquer, Andrea Dworkin and many others. We have also done a number of artist profiles including Nobuyoshi Araki, Grayson Perry, Karin Rosenthal, Richard Kern, Charles Gatewood and Reagan Louie.

I am currently working on a story about robot fetish and ASFR and am interested in finding people to interview on camera. It would be great to discuss this request at length and I can be reached at [emilyc at chumtv dot com][4].

I look forward to hearing back!

Thank you,


[4]: mailto:emilyc at chumtv dot com