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Tue 22 August 2017
Vice Motherboard Article on the Buttplug Project
Tags: buttplug press sextoys
Tue 06 June 2017
Buttpluggin' With qDot Episode 2: Buttplug Software Alpha Demo
Tags: buttplugginwithqdot youtube sextoys buttplug
Mon 17 April 2017
Buttpluggin' With qDot Episode 1 is now live!
Tags: buttplugginwithqdot youtube fleshlightlaunch sextoys
Mon 27 March 2017
Fleshlight Launch Reverse Engineering
Tags: fleshlight fleshlightlaunch sextoys reverseengineering
Fri 29 July 2016
DIY Sex Toys Talk by Kit Stubbs at HOPE2016
Tags: sextoys teledildonics effingfoundation hope kitstubbs
Wed 19 February 2014
The Electric Eel Digital Condom
Tags: condom sextoys diy
Tue 18 February 2014
Sex Toys With Googly Eyes
Tags: sextoys silly googlyeyes
Tue 28 January 2014
I Program My Home Computer, Beam Myself into an Orgasm
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