Introducing a new series on the Buttpluggin' with qDot Channel, Will It Buttplug?

In this series, I'll be hooking games up to the Game Vibration Router (which ships with the Buttplug Windows App Suite) to see what happens when we take the commands that video games send to make gamepads vibrate, and reroute them to sex toys! I'll also be demoing games written specifically using the Buttplug software, and hacks to get games that don't have vibration working with Buttplug.

Our first episode covers Rez Infinite, the new version of Rez that came out last September. We see how well it works with sex toys, and also get it working with the old Rez Trancevibrator again, thanks to the Buttplug Library!

The software is free, open source, and has actually be released since last August, I'm just super slow at announcing things properly. We also have a message board thread covering how games work with the GVR on the Metafetish Forums. You can also request other games to be reviewed there!