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Metafetish Org

Buttplug Protocol Spec

The Buttplug Protocol Spec Repo now contains the reference documentation for the Buttplug protocol, as well as our JSON schema. This will be the central source of truth for Buttplug client/server implementations.

Not much new to announce here other than that it exists. We're trying to minimize the amount of changes we make here before v0.1, but once that's done, expect to see lots of action here as we start adding new message types for more devices.

Buttplug CSharp

For Buttplug C#, we're down to polishing off the rough edges on the v0.1 release. The server seems to be working ok, and we've had a decent amount of testing going into the Kiiroo emulator, slightly less with websockets since that requires building all of our own apps. We've got quite a bit of documentation and website work to do, but are hoping we can get some basics up and a realease out, so we can start getting feedback for v0.2.

Buttplug JS/Typescript

The Buttplug JS/Typescript library for accessing the server is up on npm now, at Expect breaking changes a bunch, since we're still pre-v0.1 of a reference server release.

This package will also be expanding into a WebBluetooth based server for platforms that support WebBluetooth (currently MacOS/Linux/Android/ChromeOS). We'll have an extra add-on package for using Noble in node, and the combination of that plus this repo will give us both cross-platform clients and servers in node for those that are interested in that as a platform.


SyncyDink is our web-based movie player, based on video.js and vue. We're building reusable components for connecting to buttplug servers and doing tasks like scanning for and listing devices.

The movie player portion can currently load a movie, and load haptics files via our new haptic-movie-file-reader library. This isn't on npm quite yet but should be in a day or two, will make another post when that's done.

We'd like to have syncydink working well enough to ship along with v0.1, but don't want it to block our release, so we'll see where things are.

Other Projects

Been a bit quiet lately elsewhere. If you've got an open source sex project you're working on, please let me know via twitter or the email address at the bottom of the page!