Future Sex Magazine came out in the era of Mondo 2000 and the beginning of Wired, that early 90's period where pastels meant cyber. It covered sex and technology in a time when even just covering technology in a cultural sense was a fairly new thing. It's basically the San Francisco I wanted to move to, not the San Francisco I got.

Anyways, there's not much information left out there about the magazine itself. This sucks. We need the history available.

With this in mind, I've set out to try and get all of 7 issues digitized. Luckily, famicoman on Internet Archive (fair warning: clicking that link can kill hours if you like tech zines) has already started working on the same thing! The above picture is his collection of the zines, and he's already got Issue 5 scanned and available on Internet Archive. I've managed to pick up issues 4 and 7, and will be working on getting those scanned over the next couple of weeks.

The one issue neither of us have is Issue 1. From what little information I could find, it sounds like Issue 1 was more of a trial run of the idea versus the more on-topic later issues, but for completeness sake I'd like to get it scanned anyways. If anyone reading this has a copy, please email tips at metafetish.com and we'll see what we can figure out.

All currently scanned issues of Future Sex can be found at the Metafetish Future Sex Archive Project Index