Ya know, you run a site called slashdong for long enough, then you start a new site called "openyou" and everyone just kind of assumes things...

It's been a while since I've started up a new website, and I found myself doing enough work on health hardware that I decided to spin it out into its own site. Not to mention, there's already a ton of drivers and software out there, but there's been no central place to record it thus far. openyou.org will feature posts about open source health technology, as well as information on library and driver projects to give developers and users new ways to learn about themselves via code.

Needless to say, there will most likely be overlap in the topics here, but openyou.org will focus more on general health and sports (yes, I realize some of you consider sex a sport), while slashdong will continue to be the sex tech blog you know and love.

Expect some posts around here soon on all of the fun that's been going on in sex and games (Is We Dare the end of Video Game Sex Conceptual Art?), iPhone sex apps, the upcoming RealTouch SDK, and more.