There's a few people whose work I cite pretty often on this site and in presentations, and Uncle Abdul is one of them. Author of Juice, the book on electrostim play (and one of my first post topics on Slashdong!), He's been working in the engineering and science of sex and BDSM since well before the existence of this site, or, hell, my existence, period. Now he's got a new blog, BDSM Scientist, which is already full of interesting posts on estim and engineering. I'm really glad to see other people creating more blogs in this space (I've got a few more to feature later this week too), especially with my flakiness as of late.

Right now, he's got a survey going about what people are looking for in the ultimate sex doll. So hop in the comments and add your wish list!

I'm trying to put mine together as we speak, but unfortunately I can't seem to get farther than "extensible". I've forgotten what actual end features look like. Possibly a sign of too much engineering and too little usage.