Slashdong Book Club: Blue Root

There's definitely some perks to having words like "teledildonics" as technorati search feeds. Mainly because I find things like this. Blue Root is a book that was released for free today by its author, Rina Slayter. The reasons she's releasing it, from her blog:

Because writer friends of mine keep asking me what's up with it, where it's being published and are shocked to find out that no, it's not going to be released in paperback or even ebook from a publisher who was willing to take a chance. They enjoyed it so much that they still ask after having read it over a year ago and hadn't forgotten in.

Sure, it's got some first-book-itis, but a lot of the things in it are being tackled today. Teledildonics comes to mind. Bluetooth-enabled portable computer devices. The iPhone.

And suddenly, the reason I'm posting about this becomes evident. Yes, folks, it's a book with teledildonics in it. How can advertising like this not make you want to read the fuck out of this thing?

For some light reading including a networkable, programmable sex toy, a wimpy villain who reeks like garlic, a semi-self-aware A.I., a cat named Trouble, a rekindled romance and a whole lot of sex-crazed, living zombies, read Blue Root.

So, go on, read it. You know you want to. I'll be writing a book report and presenting it to the class when I'm done.