(Thanks to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER for the above image. All the fun of caturday with none of the hell of /b/!)

So, um, hi.

You're probably wondering where day 4 was. And possibly where day 5 is. And if day 6 is coming.


About that.

So in the 2+ years I've spent being an amateur blogger, I have never, ever, on any blog, been able to do daily posts. Why I thought this month, where I have things happening constantly would be any different, was beyond me.

So, the 29 days may just not be, you know, consecutive anymore. Which kinda sucks, since all sorts of odd parts of the blogosphere has picked up on it. Then again, I've also got some toy manufacturers threatening to break my kneecaps if I don't finally post about the lovely things they've sent me. And even though I can only play two levels of Every Extend until I either break down and buy a PSP or wait for it to hit XBLA in August, I'm still trying to beat the high scores.

However, I've got a ton of email with lots of links that I'll be picking through, and it looks like things have already taken a life of their own on the message boards here, so you might want to have a look over there.

Oh yeah, and to everyone saying that I've ditched Second Life: Come the fuck on, people. Go back and read that first post, please. The whole thing. You'll be quizzed on it this time.

Remember, between my old http setup and the release of the Drmn' Trance Vibe, you can do this stuff in SL /right now/. And, if you're an SL developer looking for help on implementing interaction with the TranceVibe, just ping our tips email or hit up the message boards.

Or hell, someone has even meshed together an unholy amalgamation of LSL, JS, and Smalltalk to make a SL/Croquet/Whatever else will talk of HTTP bridge, which was going to be part of my project. This could also be an interesting idea for tying different pieces of software into virtual worlds using HTTP streams.

But more on that somewhere else. I have cubes to explode. I mean, articles to write. I mean, emails to reply to. I mean, cubes to explode.