Yup, I love me some patents. Just wish I had the wherewithal to stop all this open source shit and actually get me a few, then ride out the rest of my creative years bleeding poor dildo start-ups dry. However, I'm a lazy bastard, so it's just easier to throw it all out there for free and let someone else make the money. I'm fine with fame.

So, to prove those someone elses actually exist, there's x-ratedpatents.com. This site tracks all the newest and latest in hoohahs and weewees and things that will now cost you a licensing fee to do with them. There's some neat, some odd, and some both. Needless to say, it's great for giving me ideas of things to build. Now I just need to execute on some of those... Someday.

Not to mention, this site fulfills my "line/explode diagram with many tiny callouts" fetish.