Yup, it's been mighty quiet here, not due to lack of developments though. Just so you know, I am still alive, and actually starting to get things done again. Though really, when your workbench looks like...

...how can you not be motivated?

Anyways, in terms of building:

  • Pictures of me dismantling an OhMiBod unit - Hope to have a full article up on this (review as well as repackaging guide) soon.
  • In what was one of the few complete and total "me as fanboy" experiences I've had since I started this site, I finally got to go to a Battery Boys session with Uncle Abdul (the man that wrote the book on estim play) and built my very own TENS unit!
  • Work on the SexBox vWhateverTheHellTheLastVersionWasPlusOne is slowly coming back, I'm starting from scratch again because I'm getting to the point where I can learn from my old mistakes of having no clue what the fuck I was doing and hopefully not repeat them
  • Been in contact with the boys over at MaleBots, who've been crankin' out new material like a machine! cringe

And for those of you that were not aware from the multiple references to it on the page, I live in San Francisco now, and am always up for meeting other builders or whatever. Drop me an email at the tips address.

No word on when steady updates will return, just depends on how life goes. But believe me, I'm tryin'.