The kind from 1994!

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TELEDILDONICS - The Ultimate in Safe Sex?

From: Teri Gross

Date: Mon, Apr 18 1994 7:38 pm

Email: (Teri Gross)


Computer sex via modem through a BBS? AGC is developing a "Reach Out and Touch Someone" interactive sex device to be released in late '94 or early '95 for under $2,000. From what I hear, it's something both parties wear and the parties control each other's, uh, titillation. I imagine it will also come along with videoimages and graphics, sort of virtual reality sex, but with an actual partner at each end of the, shall we say, "connection." Interested parties can write to AGC, P.O. Box #1019, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

I am making this post because I am curious about this device myself, however; don't send me e-mail (I will not respond), unless, of course, you buy one and would like to send me a product review.

I have no afiliation whatsoever with this company, so don't ask me any questions.

Wow! Virtual Sex for under $2000! And by early 1995!

(And to make all of the other NPR listeners out there feel better, no, I don't think it's the same Teri from Fresh Air. Kinda freaky though, ain't it?)

If anyone has any more in depth information about this, please throw it at our tips email on the side of the front page.