Love Detection, Technology Style

Why lean on gut feeling and fate to find true love when you can give someone your hard earned cash to tell you whether things will work or not? If you find yourself thinking that often, Love Detector is here for you!

Love Detector uses some of that crazy voodoo "technology" stuff that also runs the internet and my toaster and whatever makes my VCR blink 12:00 to analyze voices over any quality line on a range of processors, including your PC, your cellphone, and your pocket pc!

As their site says:

The concept of actually having a tool that can tell you whether the person you are talking to really loves or care for you is incredible and unbelievable.

I'll say! It's totally both! At the same time, even!

I swear, if I could get this thing to register a positive feedback while I was saying "Ike loves you, baby" to someone, well, that might make my day as much as the whole FORM LIKE VOLTRON search did.

via Shiny Shiny from like a month ago. Yes, I'm still catching up.