So while I've been reading up and adding things to the Slashdong Wiki (something I'm kinda sorta half-assed announcing through multiple blog posts until I actually get it populated enough to do something real), I've found some other wikis and community sites that I think SD readers might be interested in:

  • The Stockroom Forums - Lots of very smart sex people all gathered in one place. Violet Blue, Midori, Steve Diet Goette, KumiMonster, Lucky Lana, as well as Allen from The ThrillHammer and as of about 10 minutes ago, me.
  • The London Fetish Scene Wipipedia - Everything you could ever want to know about BDSM, in user-updatable wiki form.
  • The BME Wiki - Everything you could ever want to know about putting things on or in yourself that were not originally on/in there.

a couple of those via Tiny Nibbles