I can't do it. I just can't fucking doing it.

Everyone at this conference is liveblogging. They sit there in the sessions, typing their notes into wordpress or moveable type or blogger or whatever else. They hurry back to their hotels to podcast or vidblog. And I just... can't. I'm either too wrapped up in the session (Speaking of: Everyware by Adam Greenfield, GO FUCKING BUY THIS BOOK. Absolutely fucking amazing session.), or too bored by the session to blog it so I sit on IRC or SL or whatever other medium being bored. Between sessions, I'm too busy networking. Thank god Tony Walsh of Clickable Culture is enough of an ADD social leper... er, studious blogger that he's getting notes for pretty much all of the sessions I'm in.

So, that's it. No more liveblogging for me. I'm never making that promise again. I'll just write when I have time, and am not sufficiently drunk. Or maybe am sufficiently drunk.

Speaking of sufficiently drunk, I did the first public demo of the SeXBox v5 last night at the Second Life Herald Party (Motherfuckers know how to motherfucking party, BTW), and it went... ok! Especially for me having a cup of tequila and a cup of champeign sitting next to each other and accidently forgetting which is which in the middle of the talk. The serial port seems to have somehow shorted in travel, too, so I'll be spending part of the night in my hotel room soldering when I should be partying. Such is the life of a sex toy engineer.

If you're interested in pictures, I'm photoblogging the conference as I get time, though it's mostly weird floor shots and pictures of tiny ketchup bottles. The important stuff, you know.