Teledildonics: Sounds Like a Great Future

Well hot damn, an article on Teledildonics that isn't a rehash of every other article on teledildonics!

This article in the UCLA Daily Bruin does a quick overview of the hardware that's available right now. However, the really interesting part of the article is the author's ideas about what can be done with the software/hardware in the future. The fact that she's coming up with ideas about using the technology for changing viewpoints/genders, being silly, and experimenting with new things really makes it sound like there's more to this stuff beyond idiotic spaceship GUIs and small vibratey things, which is something I really get sick of seeing.

Oh yeah, and even though it's part of my vocabulary now, teledildonics IS still a fun word (though it's still no bulbous bouffant...)

Anyways, to this article, I give Slashdong's highest praise:

Fuckin' A.