One year ago today, I posted the article that would change my life forever. Or at least currently, but I have no sense of time whatsoever, so it seems like forever.

Yup, It's been exactly a year since I posted the SeXBox v1.

Wow. Fuckin' A.

I've got a long, crazy, drawn out post about the history of slashdong, things I've learned, and other stuff, but I really don't feel like finishing it tonight, so it'll be up sometime in the next few days. However, I felt like I should at least say something. I kinda consider this to be the birthday of slashdong to, since before the sexbox, no one (not even me) really gave a shit, heh.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who still reads this, all of the friends that've stuck through finding out I'm a horrible pervert, all of the new friends I've made because I'm a horrible pervert, and most of all, to my fiancee, who, somehow, hasn't broken up with me during my climb up the ladder to BLOGGING GOD, and can still find ways to humiliate me even though I talk about buttplugs in front of roomfulls of people without blushing now. Love you beb.

We now return you to your normal vibratey programming.

(Oh yeah, SLASHDONG BIRTHDAY PARTY - SECOND LIFE - MARCH 4TH - More details to come)