Originally written by qDot for mmorgy.com

Ah, I love it when I have to make new categories. Means things are openin' up in new worlds.

Now, I've been told there's a TON of sex going on in EVE. However, when a game has a pet name of "Massively Multiplayer Online Spreadsheets", and I have no proof (because none of the EVE players I know will write for us. PANSIES!), I find that hard to believe. Luckily, we've now got a little somethin' somethin' to show off.

Kotaku originally reported that you can get cybersex in EVE. Well, we just kinda of assume that for all games these days.

However, The Second Life Herald went above and beyond the call of duty (wait, they're a tabloid, this is sex. This IS their duty.), have reported that you can now sign up for porn delivery straight to your... thingy that can have porn delivered to it in game (sentences like this are why we need game world specific writers). The service apparently has 3000+ subscribers. Emergent sex business!

(Image and Post) via The Second Life Herald