Originally written by qDot for mmorgy.com

Time for your mid-day dose of Blizzardy goodness:

As we reported earlier but I couldn't find the URL for, InNewsWeekly reports that Blizzard Customer Service has apologized to the guild in question over the GLBT issue. All warnings and threats of punishment have been retracted. Note, however, that policy wording is still under consideration, so we're not out of the woods yet. Blizzard has shown that they will certainly stand against (what seems to be popular, but I'm kinda immersed in the side that I agree with) opinion for at least a bit, so who knows what could happen. I'm sure pretty much everyone involved in this will keep their eyes firmly on Blizzard for any upcoming changes.

TerraNova and some major names in MMO Academia decided to take a stand and send an open letter to Blizzard yesterday. Good stuff.

Finally, InNewsWeekly is now collecting a list of gay guilds and gathering places in MMOs. So, if you've got any places you'd like to see on their list, send them some email. I'll certainly be filling up their Second Life list, so gay clubs of the world, please don't close (This means you, Haz Pazaar)