Originally written by qDot for mmorgy.com

Nick Yee's Daedelus Project has just released a new set of demographics for MMO users. Some of the findings that are interesting to sex in games developers:

  • For every single woman in an MMO, there are 10 single men.
  • The romantic partners of female players are about three times more likely to play the MMO they play than the romantic partners of male players.
  • Most of them didn’t stick with text-based gaming, but women were a lot more likely to stick with it than men.
  • The more a player chats and socializes in an MMO, the more likely they report having fun.
  • The more players chat and socialize, the lower their likelihood of quitting.

How these statistics will follow up in MMOVSGs are anyone's guess. The 10:1 ratio certainly doesn't bode well (though in a world that doesn't involving grinding to get anywhere, this will probably even out), but the satistics on chating and socializing are very promising.

via IGDA Sex In Games Blog