Wow, of all the weekend to pick to be away from any sort of internet connection for 2 days... I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that's responded to our requests for help and sponsorship, I'll be getting back to all of you throughout the week, so don't think I've forgotten about anyone. :)

Now then, as for the "Why not just use PayPal?" questions I've been getting... I can't use PayPal because PayPal will freeze any accounts taking payment for ANYTHING sexual. has tons of stories of people getting accounts frozen/closed due to this (including this post, which talks about, easily the best place to buy christmas presents for all your loved ones). For those interested in the exact terms that Paypal uses, I've added the Mature Audiences Agreement to the extended part of this post.

The involving minors part is the real problem. Video Game Controllers are normally marketed at kids, so the SexBox would be a big ol' heap of problems.

Don't worry, we'll figure out something in the near future, we've got enough people willing to help now that there should be a solution soon.

Paypal's Mature Audiences Policy

You may not use PayPal in the purchase or sale of, or receipt of donations for, any obscene or sexually oriented goods or services.

In determining what goods or services are prohibited under the Mature Audiences Policy, PayPal will consider some or all of the following factors:

  • Whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct.
  • Representations or descriptions of intercourse, masturbation, excretory functions, or lewd exhibition of the genitals.
  • Dominant theme of the material or website.
  • Literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.
  • Safety and protection of its customers, both buyers and sellers.
  • Medical or educational usage of the product or service.

Any sexually oriented goods or services involving minors, or made to appear to involve minors, will automatically be treated as violations of the Mature Audiences Policy.

PayPal will not include sexual preferences or viewpoints as a factor in determining what goods or services are prohibited under the Mature Audiences Policy.