However much I profess to be a hardcore, no-nonsense engineer, I've always had a soft spot for sociology and anthropology. Hell, I almost double majored in one along with CS in college. I get absolutely fascinated by how people communicate with each other, how they form groups, so on and so forth. Needless to say, watching the SeXBox meme spread has blown a good portion of the last 4 days for me. I get absolutely mesmerized with watching who is visiting from where, then tracing where they came from. Pages like [Bloglines][1], [Technorati][2], and [][3] make feeding my addiction a hell of a lot easier.

So, in what will hopefully be the last metapost about this damn thing before we get back to the real stuff, I'd like to go over what I found in my adventures across my referrer list.

  • One of the most popular reactions was some form of "I don't know which is scarier, the fact this exists or the fact the guy did it without a girl around to use it on". Time to dispell this one. The reason there wasn't a girl around is 'cause my fiancee was out of town on business. She's back now, and is the owner of the GIRLS HANDS featured in the Playstation version of the mod. So I'm not just some lonely perv sitting in a basement. I'm on the first floor, actually. This brings me to my next point...

  • A good portion of straight guys on the net are whiney little bitches with no imagination. There were SO MANY posts about "Why'd he make this for a girl? I wish there was a guy version.". For christ motherfucking sake, it's not like I set the electricity coming out of those wires to vagina-only polarity. You can hook those wires to ANYTHING, including guy toys, your nuts, your toaster, or all three at once if you're into that sort of thing. Not to mention, it wouldn't kill you to use a vibrator. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't make you gay, either. I know Mr. Prostate lives in a dark, smelly cave, but he likes visitors, and repays the favor very well. [Take it like a fucking man, already.][4] A whole world of bi and gay men do, and do you hear THEM complaining?

  • People really, really don't expect you to come into their blog and comment when they've linked to you. Most are really receptive, and I've met a lot of REALLY cool people doing this thanks to this article. But a few are freaked out, some pretty badly. On the internet, there ain't no privacy, the front door is always open, and I really, really like to scribble on walls.

  • I was very interested in how many people thought this was a novel idea. I mean, I realize that's what generated the hits, but I just found it amazing what soldering a wire to two pads and badly taping up a couple of batteries could do. I've been kicking around the Video Game Dildo idea for at least 6 years ([I posted about it in my LJ a couple of years ago][5]. That's how I funded the buying of this domain). Unfortunatly, I'm miraculously lazy, not to mention, up until the last couple of years, completely lacking in any hardware knowledge. It was a fun idea to joke about on IRC, but I figured someone would beat me to it. They never did. I felt like a pretty big dumbass when I cracked open the PS1 controller and learned the sad fact that this project had been waiting to happen since 1995 (and probably well before that). Thank god I got to it first, before this information fell into the WRONG HANDS (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN).

  • I think what got to me most can be summed up in the thread that happened on [Xbox-Scene][6], the biggest Xbox modding/homebrew site on the net. [Here's the thread about the SeXBox project from there][7], though it is now locked and in the Garbage Dump forum. I honestly tried to make the article as gender and sexuality neutral as possible, while still packing it as chock full of hilarity. Even so, there seems to be a large number of people who found the article offensive to women.

Every single one of these people had a penis.

[GameGirlAdvance][8], [GameGal][9], and a ton of other female gamer sites and forums seemed to have no problem with it. Hell, I got emails from quite a few females that thought it a really funny article. I also found a few who were slightly offended, but it was at the material itself, not my presentation. (I have no problem with that, I'll admit, this site isn't for everyone. It's got dildoes everywhere. Not everyone likes dildoes everywhere. It's really an acquired taste.)

So remember, obliviously misogynist internet fuckwads, that "WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDRE.... I MEAN, GIRLS!!!" argument is an absolute crock of shit, and it's why you seem to repel women wherever you go. Women play games, women like sex, and believe it or not, they've been able to vote for a couple of years, too. They don't need your defense, they can come kick me in the nuts themselves. Be assured, if they feel the need to, they will.

The links are calming down now, things are going back to quietness, which means I've gotta cook up something else now. I went on a bit of a buying spree tonight that I'll be reporting on tomorrow. Until then, have fun breaking consoles. ;)

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