Ok, so I've seen a couple of places completely rip off the forum article and repost the pictures and a VERY condensed version of my Xbox Controller article.

I'm not out to be a bitch about copyright. Yes, I like getting the hits, and yes, I did put the work into this page. But what people don't seem to realize is that THIS SHIT IS DANGEROUS. Putting any type of current anywhere on your body without proper guidance and knowing what you're doing could easily kill you.

That's why I put warnings in my articles.

That's why there's mentions of fuses and "don't blame us".

I know I have a funny writing style, and I know I do this in a tongue in cheek manner, but the LAST thing I want to see is anyone getting hurt. This is sex, this is supposed to be FUN, not a trip to the emergency room and possible permanent damage.

So please, link all you want. If you REALLY want a copy of the tutorial on your site, email me and we'll talk about it. Otherwise, know that I will use every single power I have (even down to copyright. This shit is NOT creative commons, it is NOT GPL, it is MINE, and for good reason. waits for someone to take this out of context) to have information copied from this site removed from your site. I will NOT have people getting hurt from my projects just because you want the hits.


Now, back to me being silly.