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Sun 25 April 2010
Tactile Mind - Haptic Porn
Tags: porn haptics
Sun 11 May 2008
Immersion vibrates more than your games?
Tags: videogames haptics patents
Wed 19 September 2007
It Vibrates: Episode 1
Tags: vibration haptics videogames
Sun 26 August 2007
It's on now, bitches.
Tags: haptics electrostim toys wiimote
Sun 19 August 2007
qDot + Falcon = Oh Lord No
Tags: novint falcon haptics diy silly
Thu 09 August 2007
The Fuckable Falcon
Tags: haptics novint falcon diy toys fleshlight
Sat 04 August 2007
Hmm, maybe I will have something... (qDot - Live from SIGGRAPH)
Tags: haptics siggraph events
Sat 19 November 2005
The Touch Engine
Tags: haptics vibrators
Mon 27 June 2005
Touch Me! Exhibit in London
Tags: art haptics
Fri 17 June 2005
Haptic Cow Butt Simulator
Tags: silly haptics cowbutt
Mon 06 June 2005
Intimate Transactions: The Transmute Collective
Tags: art haptics
Sun 27 March 2005
Force Feedback Patent War
Tags: patents playstation haptics vibrators